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Each offer represents 50% off the regular subscription rate. digital subscription is a credit card only offer. Your credit card will be automatically charged in advance every four weeks unless a different renewal term is specified in the offer. At the end of the introductory discount, your digital subscription will continue at the new subscriber rate of $3.99 per week for the remainder of your first year unless you cancel your subscription. After your first year, your rate will increase to the regular rate of $6.93 per week. Offer valid for those who have not had digital access in the last 90 days. Home delivery print rates may vary in certain areas. Home delivery options not available in some areas of CT, RI, VT and ME. Offer valid for households in the Globe delivery area who have not received home delivery in the past 90 days. At the end of the introductory period, your print subscription will continue at the regular rate unless you cancel and you will be billed or your credit card automatically charged in advance of each billing period. Maine Residents will be charged an additional 5.5% Sales Tax. Existing subscribers are not eligible for this offer. Prices are subject to change